Goodtime Charly’s Got the Blues

I’ve expended a lot of physical and emotion energy the past few weeks. My memory is foggy, my movements slow and uncertain. I turn around and find myself falling, uncertain of my own surroundings. I’m drained. Vampires’ sucked the joy, laughter, summer dreams, and future successes from my carotid arteries like my dog’s canine teeth broke through her favorite butcher treats.  Chronic fibromyalgia loads me with an entire textbook of linked problems that those of us with invisible disabilities silently deal.  I feel like a worm trying to cross a mountain.

Even my camera is giving out its last spitting clicks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep posting from my not so reliable pocket camera, and use archived pics to fill in my future blog posts. More important things need fixing first. I AM feeling blue and misty-eyed. I really need a good cry, but I tend to hold stress close, where it is familiar.  A couple of days ago, my old friend, Ma Nature, knew my mood when she gave me this sunrise. I was on my way home from one more of too many problems to deal with. Hope your misty blues are all short-lived and as beautiful as these.






20 thoughts on “Goodtime Charly’s Got the Blues

  1. Mother Nature is pretty much what gets me through all the horrors of Fibro and Crohn’s! Some days it’s really hard to even get out of bed let alone put a smile on my face. Your artistic eye is still working well though, lovely images 🙂

    1. Thank you Sarah,
      It’s alway nice to hear from others in the army of silent pain. It makes me realize blogging was the best decision I made last year. I may not be consistent, but the community is certainly supportive. So glad you stopped by again. 🙂

      1. Yes, I’m so glad I started blogging too 🙂 Sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I actually had a bit of a freak fibro attack last Tuesday on the way home from one hospital, having a tooth out, and ended up in another hospital having the pain sorted and several drips to rehydrate me! I had to be taken off the train by paramedics, soooo embarrassing. The doctors think it was because I had a severe infection and had been given a very large dose of local anaesthetic. Bit of a shock really that it hit me so bad without any warning! Starting to recover from everything now but my dental surgeon is going to have to come up with a new plan for dealing with my teeth! Be cautious if you have to have a local anaesthetic any time Charly.

      2. How scary for you. I’m glad you’re recovering. I noticed early on I that locals stopped working on me and I have to be put under completely now for things most people just use the the ‘twilight’ for. Sometime’s I wonder if I should be wearing a medical alert tag because I’m allergic to prescription pain relievers. Or just a tattoo warning, “Have fibro, am wuss!” 🙂

      3. I think I want that on a t-shirt 😉 I get so fed up of explaining to people why they shouldn’t poke me or grab hold of me. Mum’s always trying to hug me or hold my hand and nothing I ever say seems to get through. I’m writing my Travel Theme post at the moment for this week with Broken as me! I’m allergic to all things with ibroprufen or aspirin type pain killers/anti-inflamatory drugs but I can have codeine, morphine, tramadol etc but they’re not really that effective for fibro. The only thing that works for an attack is diazepam 😦

  2. Sometimes its just the little things that can do a lot of good. Thank you for these beautiful images. (And it’s always the littlest things that can cause a lot to go wrong; good luck with everything.)

    1. Hello again! I was hoping to get to the Friends of John Muir photo walk along the Fox River but the weather was too cold and blustery for me. I drove past later in the day and was surprised to see ten or so cars still there. Now I’m sorry I didn’t bundle up and face the lousy day. I so wanted to get into that area of the riverway – normally it’s only accessable during hunting season. Too true, everything happens at once. I can only hope it will all improve that way as well. I hope one day we’ll be able to meet down here. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      1. The Muir Friends do so many interesting things, and Marquette County seems like a magical place to me – so close to everything urban and so far away from it all at the same time. I need to get there. I, too, wish I’d gone on the Fox River walk. Looking forward to crossing paths, as well ! Again good luck with all ailments; I wouldn’t handle it well at all.

    1. Thanks you so much. Yes, the problems have found a solution and the moody skies have cleared. This has been a terrific week. My unsolvable misery will get better. I waited to answer you until I could report there were results of the plan in progress when the post was published. ‘Happy feet’ 🙂

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