Convergence of Conveyances

In a previous life, before the pain of fibromyalgia knocked the pins out from under me, I loved to shoot events. Antique cars were one of my favorites. Travel with me down memory lane, away from freezing rain, crusty snow, and shivering late night outings with the dog.
Pick a vintage conveyance, choose by color, year, engine, or chrome. Lets meet where the pre-interstate roads converge into narrow ruts and travel by imagination. Enjoy the ride, and thanks for stopping by The Road Less Paved. I’ll be driving the ‘Lady in Red’ down my road. Please stop by again.



Weekly Photo Challenge:Converge


10 thoughts on “Convergence of Conveyances

  1. I’ve always loved all kinds of motor vehicles but before the Crohn’s and Fibro affected my dexterity, my true love was vintage motorbikes! I always dreamt of having my own Norton Commando. These are great images! You’d love Brooklands Museum and Mercedes Benz World which are both a few miles from where I live 🙂

    1. I would love that museum! I had a small Honda S90 when I was 19. Highway speed was pushing the engine to the max, but I managed to travel three states by moving late at night and sleeping in public parks. Couldn’t do that these days. Back then I was a hippie, dippy girl in Chicago’s Old Town in the late 60’s. I’ve never been invited, but my cousins’ hosted a mega-ritzy Concours d’Elegance of Chicago for seven years. Would have loved to photograph those cars. Hubby wants a 3-wheeled cycle to toot around in our dotty old age. So much to see, so little money, lol!

      1. I had a Suzuki GS 125 🙂 She was a four stroke engine rather than a wheelie machine so I struggled for speed on the main roads too! This was in the early 90’s and I was a bit of rebel. Art College, music, motorbikes and extreme sports was my thing. Always wanted a custom made trike! I used to see some amazing ones at the Bike Rallies 🙂 An old friend who was badly injured in an accident has just got a Spyder which is a tricked out modern version of a trike and very popular with disabled riders.

  2. Stunning pictures; I love them! Arrived here after you left a comment on my post of the same subject and glad to have found you. It seems we have other things in common apart from a love of nature and an addiction to photography – I have ME (or CFS/IDS as it’s known in the US) so I know what chronic disability of this kind is all about. Thanks for a lovely post, and for visiting and commenting on mine.

    1. We also share a love of horses. My first was a grey as well. Currently own a black quarter horse mare. I’m known as ‘the old grey mare’, in my horsey set, lol. Will look forward to seeing you again. 🙂

  3. very kewl …. shots here …… i know how ya feel bout not being able to get out an do as much as we could before dis-ease set in but well, one day @ a time an well, when ya can on a warm spring day this year get out an see more like this an attempt to enjoy what days we have , even though gotta deal with 24-7 pain till the day i die prolly, i will try to do the best i can when i can …as so i hope u do also … so Happy Holidaze 2 U frum da’ Q as we continue to try not to let the paons of life get us down 🙂 peace-out … Q

    1. Sad, isn’t it that it takes a strong physical or emotional setback to get our priorities in order? Once we’ve defined a new self, we find an outlet for expression than is affordable on a reduced budget. Can’t make permanent plans because pain or illness rears up and decides when and how we’ll be able to take on any given day and time limit. I keep in my minds eye, Andrew Wyeth’s painting ‘Christina’s World’. Everything is always just out of reach, when I get over that hill, if I could get back on my feet again. I find so many reasons for hope when I think of that painting. Yes, keep on keeping on. Enjoy your holidays, hope to see you again. 🙂

      1. I can so very much relate,,thanks for replying to me ! my heart an soul is wit ya , an everyone that feels like we do many a day upon awakening, we do see how impermanent it all is really huh, can only make the best of each minute at hand,more like one minute @ a time here,yes take care lady! namaste’ 2 u this day! frum Q

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