Windows into my World

I’m having another woo-hoo moment. Lately, it’s been happening more frequently. At one time, I was an above normal psychic type person. I hate being a know it all, but I could tell what was going to happen – just not exactly when, much too often. Over the years, I trained myself to tune out. Unless it’s life threatening, or an emergency, I’d pass, thank you.ย Coincidence is cozy enough to live with. I didn’t need to calculate the odds of events occurring in my life anymore.

A couple of days ago I was mentally preparing my next blog. I have a couple of very old photographs that were going to form the basis for my post on windows. Not the Microsoft Operating System … of which I could write a 1,000 words. Mine is on life support and I’m learning how to walk using a Chrome tablet. Lot’s of up and downs and mistakes going on, but that’s a different dirty window.

Enough negativity. I actually wanted to post useless pics of windows I’d taken through the years. Today’s Weekly Photography Challenge appeared and ‘hoot’, for once I’m ahead of the curve. I’ll take the lucky bit of timing and go with it. Hopefully, as I’m posting, some meaningful composition will form and I won’t just burp and serve a plate of unattenuated pixels to my followers. Please leave a comment and let me know if I inadvertently caused any indigestion.

Weekly Photo Challenge:ย Window

24 thoughts on “Windows into my World

      1. Certainly not alone, perhaps more likely to defend those in need? Thank you for the compliment on the photography. I’m surprised by the response blogging has had. Still lots to learn, and fortunately, a lot of good bloggers to learn from. I’ll be seeing, and chatting, again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you, a lot of gravel roads up here in the marshes. I swear I hear banjo music when my grip tightens on the steering wheel and I’m wondering how long it will take me to get to the next paved road.

    1. Thank you. If all windows could talk. I remember a window in a childhood friend’s home. His mother always sat looking out the window. She never came down and walked around the neighborhood. Perhaps, because the parents were German refuges, it was only a few years after WWII. Several years after the family moved to the suburbs her image was still visible in that window’s screen. It was as if a photograph had been taken of her.

  1. Beautiful photos…. Can’t pick a favorite, they are all great. Ok, the cat one. And killed in Arizona. And windows on windows. And wipe your feet. And the one with horseshoe. And… Ok, you get it. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love the dresses, are they from 1920’s?

    1. I think the dresses are circa 1910 to 1920’s. I never did find out if there were for sale or only for display purposes, but they had many available at the time I have to think at least some were for sale. It was stunning, and the women were so small back then. Thank you for the compliments, it made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

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