Tapestries and the season of unraveling

Autumn has arrived in the Wisconsin wetlands. For this blogger it brings a reprieve from writing and photography as my equipment starts to break down making it difficult to type or work on photography. Even my trusted trackerball  mouse has quit on me. A few weeks ago it was my backup photography laptop. The one I’m writing this on is giving signs the motherboard is likely on the way to digital heaven as well.

I snapped a few photographs yesterday during the rain. I prefer cloudy or overcast days for photography. Sunlight blows out the color ranges I personally prefer. I used my pocket camera, the one I’m oh so sorry I bought last year because it doesn’t have an eyepiece viewer. Only on cloudy days can I see what’s happening with the backscreen viewer. My viewpoint of the Tamarack swamp in the rain seemed very flat, one-dimensional and reminded me of tapestries. I was hoping the actually photographs would have the same flatness to them. They didn’t disappoint me. I think I captured the artsy look I was hoping for. Nature has its own way of showing us what is beautiful when we least expect it, and in ways we won’t recognize if we never slow down and look a bit dazed along the side of a road or walkway.

Click on individual photos for full size views – thanks for stopping by.




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