Happy, happy, joy, joy – I love me most of all

Happy, happy, joy, joy, loving me, loving you! Nothing makes me smile faster than watching any of my critters at play. Lucy Dog, loves Frisbee, backwards in the snow. The three cats roll over one other around a sprinkling of catnip. Coo, our wee parrot, loves his swim-swims. Even the two fish in the tank get excited and wag their tails like eager puppies when visited.

The happiest times come from interaction with my mare, Maggie. Letting her off the line to dance at liberty and enjoy her own reflection in the barn mirrors and windows allows her personality to come out. She’s simply overjoyed visiting her own image.

Maggie’s an alpha, or top, boss horse in the herd. In a herd all horses live within a hierarchy. She’s kind and gentle, but very confident and certain of her leadership ability. If she were human, I suppose she’d be a tad conceited, but I think she’d enjoy a good belly laugh over her own antics. I think Maggie finds her happy happy, joy joy in her free dance.

Daily Prompt:Happy Happy Joy Joy


21 thoughts on “Happy, happy, joy, joy – I love me most of all

    1. I wish I could move about like that, but if I even try I trip and end up eating dirt. Well, the goal is to get to the point where she does it with me in the saddle, right? 🙂

      1. She’s a 14 year old 90% foundation bred Quarter Horse. I don’t know if they use that term in your country. Here there are primarly two types of quarter horses, most today are more than 50% Thoroughbred breeding. From approximately the 1970’s to present they decided they wanted a longer, taller, leaner looking horse so they out-crossed the original ‘bulldog’ type bloodlines. The foundation breeders attempt to maintain the original bloodlines and discourage TB out-crosses. True old fashioned American Quarter Horses are getting pretty rare. I take lessons on an 17H Appendix QH and it looks like a full TB, shows and wins as a QH. Go figure. Here’s a earlier link with photos covering her 3/1/2 year rehab from the persistent lameness she had when I bought her.

      2. Thank you – I will read that. I thought she was a Quarter Horse. I am reading about QH at the moment. Everyone says their temperament is amazing – I guess that would be most true of the foundation stock? In Spain and Portugal they are creating Sport Horses in the same way… it is sad to lose the differentiation of the breeds.

      3. I agree, there are so many out crosses today it makes me sad. The horses no longer represent the historic past they were bred for. If you have any questions about the ‘old stock horses’ feel free to contact me. I’ve done quite a bit of research in the past; those old horses moved so differently than the horses performing the same events today.

    1. Lucky her. I’ve wanted to that for so long but no one in my area runs cattle. The youngsters are into gymkhana sports, barrel racing, etc. The pleasure show classes are also popular, for those that can afford the transportation. I’ve noticed a growing interest in changing from western to riding english, although trail riding of all types is still number one. I’ve cut cattle in Colorado on a ranch and loved it, but that was back in the early 70’s.

      1. Jackie does not have a horse now but 2 years ago she went to a ranch in Colorado for a weeks stay and rode every day. She lives in NZ and in 2 weeks we are going over there for a visit

      2. Thanks for the links. You’re also an amazing photographer. I loved touring Australia and New Zealand with you. What a terrific way to spend the last few minutes before bed. I’ll be back to look at the rest of your collection. Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

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