Please Fence Them In


Give me land

lots of land

under starry skies above

keep your dogs

and your cats

in your homes

and your yards

please fence them in

While I ponder

why my garden

once again

fails to thrive

the tartar-yellowed dog

dully, duly, dutifully

crosses from his pristine yard

to mark his pissted cross in mine

what say you

when spring comes

snow leaves

ice melts

on leaves


November December January

February and March

his gifts to me

will be returned to sender

Daily Prompt: Good Fences? 


8 thoughts on “Please Fence Them In

  1. Yeah, not a big fan of people who don’t pick up after their dogs and let them wander about. … I don’t know why your blog doesn’t come through on my Reader. I keep missing your posts. 😦

    1. I seem to be having some type of posting problem. It’s hit and miss and I haven’t figured it out yet. This one didn’t post to Facebook either. One day I figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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