Warm Heart, Cold Nature


Warm and fuzzy happens when my brains clears its anxieties, and stumbling stones. A year ticked past since I cancelled and deleted my photography website. I haven’t used Photoshop in three years. I felt a wind blowing from a new direction up the road, but I hadn’t yet walked into it. 2014 started with a hint of foreboding and a cold heart.

Today I downloaded the monthly Photoshop/Lightroom package, and surprise, the old familiar, organizational friend, Bridge is back. My bloated computer is going to belch occasionally, while my work freezes and implodes into another dimension. I’ll have to remember to save often, and work from copies of originals. Been there, made those mistakes before.

I replaced my point and shoot camera. My goofy horse knocked the last one into the sand during a video session. She thought the round pod bag I use for support was an apple. The last couple of days, into the next few weeks, pics taken will be in on a learning curve. While enjoying the old processing favorites in Photoshop, I’m blending them into my love affair with OnOne Perfect Photo Suite.

Warm and fuzzy came just in time to keep me occupied. Bitter cold weather returned, my brittle temperament feet first to the heating source. I finished two photographs today. Shooting nature is cold, but the work is from my heart and that warms me. I’m finally headed into the wind that’s whispering my name.

Thanks for stopping by again. Let me know what you think. Have a very Happy New Year!


Weekly Photo Challenge:Warmth


18 thoughts on “Warm Heart, Cold Nature

  1. My first impression as I opened your post was, “Ah, now here is a photographer!” Beautiful colors, textures, and mood. Please continue sharing your perceptions of this world with us!

  2. Great post. I love the close-up of the leaves. I’ve seen these leaves like these often but you have somehow brought something new … something that I haven’t seen before. Love the textures!

    1. Thank you Denise. I may be looking in front of my feet for a few more days. It finally got cold enough to freeze again this week. We have no snow in southern Wisconsin. We’ve had a month of no sunshine, and above average temperatures, making nature photography a challenge. It may drive me into the small towns looking for subjects, lol! Have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, I hope to do much more than I did last year. The results I’m seeing from the new camera are helping motivate me. However, I tried yesterday and the wind chill froze my fingers to the bone after five minutes. This winter is going to down as one of extremes in temperatures. Happy New Year, and I’m so happy you stopped by. 🙂

    1. Happy New Year, Lynne. Yes, I tried shooting yesterday, but the wind chill factor froze me so badly I finally gave up. Better to come home and work on some I already have in the computer. Going to spend this afternoon catching up on all the other WordPress sites. Enjoy your day! 🙂

  3. Subtle, yet evocative, Charly. Keep warm, the vortex is dropping down on us. someone suggested to use chemical handwarmers to keep the camera warm as well and I think I’ll try that this winter.

    1. Good idea, I’ve seen them at the checkout counters, but never thought to buy them. After having near frostbite, again, on my fingertips in the five minutes it took to clean snow off the windshield this week, I’m convinced. Maybe a child-sized hoodie as well for the camera?

  4. Thank you Charly, i am hoping to come up with some new and exciting things. The past couple of years have been very difficult so lets see. Keep the photos coming .. we are in mid summer now and its HOT so it makes a change to see snow !

    1. I have a follower, an Aussie photographer, national parks guide, and blogger. He tells me his teen age son has never seen snow. Today is very windy, the temps have fallen again, and I’m viewing the ‘great outdoors’ through my window.

  5. I’m thinking: lovely! Here we are 2 months into 2015! A good enough year so far? Let us hope! I say so far so good, and your blog looks like it’s rewarding you. May it be so!

    1. It’s getting better. Still struggling to work on the blog consistently and manage my other obligations. I finally started another website on ViewBug that gives me an opportunity for feedback from other photographers. I am ready to be finished with winter and and take my new camera out for some ‘green’ time. 🙂

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