Marching to a New Color

Short and sweet. Yes, it took the entire week to develop a spring based photograph in orange. Orange is a lot easier in October than March. I cheated, I got to practice my layers and textures skill. Not going to say a lot this week. It ends in three hours anyway and the challenge changes.


Weekly Photo Challenge:Orange


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13 thoughts on “Marching to a New Color

    1. Thanks, Sarah. It’s getting easier and less frustrating the more I work with it. The old muse is learning to have patience with me. Even the ancients need a kick in the pants once in a while. 🙂

  1. Being someone who catches on faster to what I read, than to what I actually SEE (hmmmm . . . .?) I just can’t resist a quick comment about your headline: “Marching to a New Color.” Love it. Are you busy working on “April is the cruelest month” now? (That’s something never far from my mind when the calendar turns from March.)

    1. … this week has been the busiest week. So many changes happening in our lives I feel I’m on a carousel with no getting off. Hopefully, things will settle down in a few days. I’ve also been posting photography to my site at Digging through some older stuff since I’m sick of even winter photography. I’m not familiar with the ‘April is the cruelest month’. Please let me know what the link is.

  2. Yes! I have a GREAT link for you. I just found it, after I posted this, becuz I wondered how commonly understood that line might be (It’s the opening line of the only poetry I have ever liked – T.S. Eliot’s very long and very weird “Wasteland.”

    So anyway, because of that I’ve just discovered this site called “Genius” which seems to work something like Wikipedia, in which users annotate all kinds of things for other users. I discovered that the line is a reference to Chaucer – something I never knew, or if I once knew it , it was so loooong ago that I’m sure no human brain could possibly be expected to remember it. Be sure and look at Genius because it covers all kinds of topics – many musically based: rap, rock, R&B, and also law, and tech , and on and on. A great new place to waste too much time. But fun.
    Here is the link:

    1. I read the Wasteland immediately after you posted this. It’s been so long I forgot how beautiful poetry is. The years when poetry was a weekly must read have slipped away. I need to start again, some old friends are missed and new acquaintances await. Thanks for the jump start.

  3. I’m glad to hear this! And your words are a good reminder to me to read The Wasteland again. I also promise myself to re-read it in April, and then before I ever think of it again it’s June or July (and that shouldn’t stop me from reading it then, either, but for some reason I just always want this to be an April project.)

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