Saginaw Timber #2

Saginaw Timber # 2, made its first short run on the side rails after a fifteen year rebuild on August 13, 2015. Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom, Wisconsin offers a lot of opportunities to grab industrial, abstract, grunge shots for members and friends of members.. These are my first attempt at shooting and processing a different genre. Please let me know what you think. This certainly took me down another road less paved and into memories of good friends now passed, and laughter, work, and soot covered faces of a younger me.

YouTube Saginaw Timber Video


8 thoughts on “Saginaw Timber #2

    1. It was wonderful to be around again. It’s been almost thirty years since I’ve spent time on this engine. The owner is my oldest and dearest friend. Time has taken us in different directions, but this year has been one of bittersweet joy and tears. It was wonderful to share this time with my husband and my dearest friend.

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