Bless this Mess or Landscaping Naturelle

I can’t see the forest for the trees, or the springs for the sedges. I need to go close and deep to my subjects. These are my landscapes. In nature, nothing is tidy. Nature is messy; erratic, bent, broken, fallen, wet, dead, dry, or sometimes flooded. For that reason you won’t find manicured lawns and long picturesque driveways in my work. Mother Nature abhors a vacuum (cleaner if you will). She’s a slob, a slacker, she works on her own schedule. My hope is to catch some trace of the goodness she left behind. Like a treasure hunter picking through the remnants of a pack rat

Enjoy what I find. Thanks for stopping by the Road Less Paved. I’ve enjoyed your visit.

StillPageCreekFox River PrincetonPageCreekHardwoodsFox RiverPageCreekBirch

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8 thoughts on “Bless this Mess or Landscaping Naturelle

  1. Very nice of Mother Nature to leave such a mess. Forget the manicured lawns – boring. Nature provides beautiful scenery and energy to those who spend time with her. Nice photos!

    1. It is. I love our Nature Conservancy properties. The woodland shots are from Page Creek Marsh in Marquette County, Wisconsin. The reflections are up the Fox River, in flood stage at the next town, Princeton.

      1. Yes, all are safe. Wisconsin, unlike so many states, has managed to preserve, and is now restoring old wetlands. Those wetlands and floodplains save the developed areas from the damages of flooding. Some of the older homes do get basement flooding. A few small river towns in the bluff counties, with historic yearly flooding have been relocated in the past 20 years or so. I will never understand the people than continue to live directly on the annual floodplain, but there are those very independent souls that hang in. A lot of farmland floods yearly – some should be converted back to wetlands where it adjoins established wetlands. You can’t convince some people that even a hundred years of the same events will change the way they farm.

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