Mist beyond the window

screened shadows yet to come

and I heard soft breathing

of one love

Air so cool

so wet

all very like touch

of death

A distant raven

cried against the coming night

and hushed the crickets chatter

The wind was gone

rain pooled in small

but never bottom puddles

The candle long since snuffed

seemed to question,

"Will Heaven be this still?"

A thought whispered through my mind

If only the world could keep this peace

May 27, 1968

Dedicated to Mick Scarpelli aka Mick Scott (Herbert Francis Scarpelli)
                       8/19/1945 - 2/13/2017

20170121_frenchcreekwa_20170121_035020170121_frenchcreekwa_20170121_035320170121_frenchcreekwa_20170121_034420170121_frenchcreekwa_20170121_0356WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows


10 thoughts on “Shadows

      1. More fog? Ha , ha. We had a cloudy sky tonight, but a particular star twinkled like a Mercedes Benz logo, most unexpected….So maybe look up to the atmosphere for more of just that

  1. Beautiful poem and accompanying pictures. I love that first picture – how the fog just whites everything out and makes it look like a half-developed picture (I mean that in a good, artistic way 😀 )

    1. Totally understood. I want more fog. We usually only get a couple of really good days like that a year. Or maybe I need to get up a lot earlier, lol! Thanks for stopping by.

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