Brrrr … cold and colder – this is progress

Waxing crescent moon and Venus at sunset - January 2, 2014

Waxing crescent moon and Venus at sunset – January 2, 2014

The new year progresses

on a hang nail

of waxing crescent moon

that snagged Venus,

enticing as a diamond pendant.

I linger and wait

as the bright evening woman

lowered her skirt of flannel red

at the feet

of the brittle, cold sky

frozen to the marsh

beyond the tamaracks.

Daily Prompt: Progress

9 thoughts on “Brrrr … cold and colder – this is progress

    1. Happy New Year and continued success with your blog. Thanks for following me the past few months. You’ve been a terrific inspiration and I so appreciate your support.

    1. Thanks, Robert. we’re dropping to between -25F to -50F below zero with wind factors tomorrow. We’ve had several years with above normal winters so this comes as a brutal hit in the face. At least we’re not getting above normal snows to shovel out. Wish I could afford to fly down and thaw out. Do we have a temperature difference over a hundred degrees, lol?

      1. OK, well, -50F is -46C, and it is 41C here today. so we’re unfortunately only looking at a difference of 87 degress in our Celsius scale, however, 40C is 105F, so yes, in the F scale we are well over 100 degrees difference! I have not seen snow in decades, my 13 year old son has never seen it, I can’t imagine what that cold must be like, can you even step outside ever? You guys made the news here today. Meanwhile, I’m about to drive 180km east in 40C so am hoping the car does not melt down. Have friends fighting huge bush fires today, keeping my fingers crossed for them. Cheers and stay warm! Rob

      2. Prayers to all those in the way of those fires. Some of them make it to the news up here here and they seem hotter than our own – guess it’s the eucalyptus? Our part of the country they’re rare, but stepson lives in Orange County, California. He gets them most every year. Leaving the house for ‘doggie trips’ is fast and furious. Happy we don’t have to go on walks. If I talk I think I’ll find my frozen speech on the path come spring. Don’t have a meltdown. .

    1. Hopefully will be back more often as the winter blahs lift. When the cold weather breaks I hope to resume my lessons, but my instructor is at a different barn. Looking forward to your joyful adventure. 🙂

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